Reynolds and the environment

Planning From Experience

Driving style and forward planning

Our experienced transport planners ensure maximum efficiency through route planning and utilising the latest technology thoroughly, to minimise mileage and assure that every mile on the road counts.

Our drivers are assessed in-house through our RHA Driver assessor. On-going training means skills are improved and enhanced. The anticipation of hazards ahead and reading the road conditions can lead to more environmentally friendly driving by eliminating unnecessary braking and acceleration.

Each vehicle within our fleet is regularly assessed and maintained, in accordance with UK safety regulations. We complete all necessary maintenance on our vehicles locally and continue to review our vehicles on a regular basis, upgrading or enhancing existing vehicles to ensure they continue to run efficiently, and replacing older trucks with modern, more efficient vehicles as required.


Improving Fuel Efficiency


The transport industry is estimated to be responsible for around a quarter of all emissions into the atmosphere in the UK, with over 20% of those coming from HGVs.

Streamlining the shape of the HGVs cab and it’s trailer and the addition of wind deflectors, has been shown to improve fuel efficiency, due to improved aerodynamics, reducing the wind resistance and drag.