CPC Training 2019!

Dec 10, 2018

To keep your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, you need to do 35 hours of training, every 5 years.

Whilst most drivers do schedule periodic training over the 5 year life period of their Driver CPC qualification, we know some still wait until the last minute, meaning 2019 could be a very busy year! 

To make sure you’re able to choose the courses that are most suitable for you, I’d encourage you to plan your training in as soon as possible. Especially if you still need all five. 

Develop your skills and knowledge in a new way

We have been looking into ways we can improve and develop our training. Sometimes it can feel like the same topics are covered the same way and we have taken that on board. Whilst many topics must be covered, course material and format is being revamped as well as added to give another fresh look. We have added First on Scene Emergency First Aid as both a CPC module but with the added benefit that it can be accredited as a qualification by taking a short exam at the end of the day. The certificate is valid for three years. 

Safe driving.

One aim of Driver CPC is to improve road safety. Even if you have been driving for many years, it’s important to refresh your skills and update your knowledge. And, if you’re an employer, keeping your drivers up to date with the latest rules and vehicle technologies can help reduce running costs to your business. There are a number of courses to help drivers improve the safety of vulnerable road users, such as cyclists. This can help to give you a better understanding of what situations cyclists and pedestrians face on the roads. Other courses encourage drivers to think about the long term consequences of accidents and challenge any bad behaviour you might see others do. This could include using mobile phones while driving, or driving when you are over tired.

You can find out more information about Driver CPC courses that are available by emailing sarah@reynoldsrecruitment.com or call the office on 01159250747